A Boy Named Sioux @ 910 Live

So, they say the holidays are a time for family, for friends, for gratitude. Well, okay, then. Here's something we're grateful for: Our local bands who contribute to the ever-developing Valley culture. For example, there's A Boy Named Sioux, Rob Toner's lauded outlaw country band. The band's celebrating local culture this weekend with a holiday throwdown and encourages Valley residents to give the gift of homemade original music. Perhaps a copy of Simple Life, the band's sophomore album, released in September. "I think with this show, we just want to let people know that there are other options outside of the country-pop, cover-tune music scene that dominates out here," says Toner. "There are a lot of super-talented original bands in this town that deserve some attention. A lot of folks get hung up on the thought process that if it isn't on the radio, it isn't good. So, we're here to prove that mindset wrong." Toner and his backing trio bridge classic rock and country, but they're also not above a cover or two — they'd just rather resurrect Merle, Waylon, or Charlie Daniels. The Wyatts out of Tucson and new PHX band Sour Diesel Trainwreck round out the bill, while local guitar king Steve Larson (ex-Dead Hot Workshop, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) gives a holiday gift of his own to us, delivering an solo acoustic set.


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