A Five-Song Tribute to The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games

As expected, kids are going ga-ga over The Hunger Games. The $155 million opening weekend was good enough to rank third in revenue behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and The Dark Knight.

The movie, based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, has already spawned everything from nail polish to cookbooks, and is proving to be a marketing dream with even more merchandising possibilities on the horizon.

With all of the hoopla, it's easy to forget that at the crux of this story is a post-apocalyptic world where people battle to the death before a live television audience (Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987's The Running Man).

The film's soundtrack has made a splash too, featuring tunes from Secret Sisters, Neko Case, Carolina Chocolate Drops, and Kid Cudi. Of course, those songs don't actually play during the film -- meaning that these five songs about war, poverty, and oppression, could work well on another installment of a The Hunger Games-branded music collection.

"Imagine" Imagine there's a world where people relish in a type of voyeurism that leads to the downfall of society . . . wait.

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"Masters of War"

Remembering the old images of war. They're a lot like the new ones.

"Fuck Tha Police"

It wasn't so long ago N.W.A rapped, "Police think they have the authority to kill a minority."

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