Absent Akridge

Oy vey, these kids are young. How young? Well, they still have that wet, matted, quivering-foal youngness to them. You know? That certain gooeyness that just screams "Clearasil-sponsored talent search winners." Raised on the mean streets of Fountain Hills, this mixed-gender foursome certainly looks the part of the lean, hungry, TRL-ready power-pop band. And their sound? Surprisingly soulful and polished. Where one might expect scream-o shredding and callow profundities, you instead find well-structured, emotionally authentic songwriting that has more in common with the scene's jangle-rock golden era than the current crop of emo-influenced posture-whores. Perhaps the most distinctive — and impressive — aspect of the music is the singing of Christina Allbright, a give-no-quarter tomboy redhead who combines the sibilant songbird wailing of The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan with the skank-siren abandon of Courtney Love. Absent Akridge is marking the release of their Where Have You Been? debut EP by headlining a show featuring nine local bands, including 20 Days Gone, Sisterbrother, and The Crush.


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