Acid House Kings Offer Free Remix MP3s

Acid House Kings
Acid House Kings
Wikimedia Commons

Swedish indie pop band Acid House Kings have garnered quite a bit of praise for their latest album, Music Sounds Better with You. Pitchfork called the twee pop quartet's album "their strongest-sounding record," and Pop Matters says "it's nearly impossible to resist them."

But as they saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." And while remixes aren't exactly "imitations," they are flattering because they offer another person's interpretation of someone else's song.

To wit, Acid House Kings just released a 6-song EP titled, Music Sounds Better Remixed -- and they're giving three of the songs away for free download. Check out our personal favorite, the Dave DaG remix of "Would you say stop?" after the jump.


To download all three tracks from the EP, visit


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