Adam Corolla Makes Way for Flogging Molly

By Joe Golfen

With the threat of rain subsided and the snow melted into the matted grass, the stage was set for the high profile end of the Edgefest.

Adam Corolla Makes Way for Flogging Molly

Adam Corrola, the new morning jock at the Edge, made his was onto the stage with his usually casualness. But for a man who typically has plenty to say, he only spoke briefly as the massive crowd cheered.

Adam Corolla Makes Way for Flogging Molly

Photos by Luke Holwerda

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“Thanks for coming out today and sticking around with the weather delays and everything,” said Corolla, who seemed at a loss for words as he stared into the audience. “Shit, there are a whole lot people here.”

The reason for the huge crowd probably had something to do with the upcoming performance of one of the biggest bands of the evening, the infamous Irish rockers Flogging Molly.

The eight-piece band put on an incredible fury of a set. Complete with a fiddle, accordion, and pan flutes, Flogging Molly mix traditional-style Irish folk rock with super fast punk rock.

“It’s great to be back in Arizona,” said lead singer Dave King in his thick Irish brogue. “We’re usually here on St. Patrick’s Day, but you know when you’re in Flogging Molly, everyday is St. Patty’s Day.”

The huge crowd clapped along with the lightning fast tunes, as King and his crew flew around the stage, turning the normally quiet farm into the scene from an inside a rowdy Irish pub.

Playing for a little over an hour, Flogging Molly didn’t disappoint the huge crowd that turned out to see them, leaving the stage as a chant of “One more song!” grew louder.

Adam Corolla Makes Way for Flogging Molly

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