Adam Freeland

Unless you're a hardcore EDM aficionado or crate-sifting turntable wizard, it's likely you don't know Adam Freeland from, er, Adam. Which is a shame, really, considering that the English-born DJ/producer was one of icons of the UK's breakbeat scene in the mid-'90s, helping to pioneer the darker and dirtier sub-genre of nu skool breaks in the process. Since then, Freeland's played festival gigs across the globe — from Glastonbury to Coachella — either by himself or with a four-piece live band of the same name, evolving his current sound into a steamy blend of indie rock and distorted electronica. This self-described "shoegaze danceparty" will fit right in at fauxShow's three-year anniversary bash on Sunday, July 5, when he'll be the guest of honor with a two-hour set. His cohorts for the evening will be a dozen different locals, including Jared Alan (natch), DJ Fashen, TPMD, Emile, and Niteride. The party's so stacked, in fact, that it's spread across two different venues, starting out at noon at the Wyndham Hotel, 50 East Adams Street, before moving to SideBar, 1514 North Seventh Avenue, after 10 p.m. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 day of. Visit


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