Adder @ Yucca Tap Room

If you know someone who gets so excited about jewelry and new shoes that they write songs about them, is your acquaintance A) a Scottsdale princess with too much money and a digital recorder or B) a modern hip-hop star? Trick question! Either way, it's a prima donna with daddy issues and an inflated ego. If you're sick of the same tired, lazy tropes you hear all over the airwaves, maybe it's time to tune into some socially conscious hip-hop. Enter Adder, a California-based MC who's here to challenge your perceptions, spit some philosophy, and get your ass grooving. What else would you expect from a sample-heavy producer who describes his music as "psychedelic socio-philosophy"? Complete with gauges and a mustache so twisted it would make Dali twitch, Adder is a refreshing alternative to crybaby drug addicts posing as musicians because they can afford turntables. (You know who you are.) Best of all, Adder's tunes transcend genre, fitting in nicely with a generation with its eyes glued to smartphones. But perhaps Adder best describes these magic-mushroom-laced projects himself: "I'm not trying to break a mold; I'm trying to reshape the ones I've grown to love."


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