Adult Swim

Slick swimming soirees proved to be both potent and plentiful again this summer, but one of the bigger bashes has been rather conspicuous by its absence. Namely, Adult Swim, which arguably helped popularize the hipster hotel pool party trend two years ago but couldn't quite get off the ground this time around. It launched in May at a Days Inn, got booted after its first weekend, went back to its original home at the Hotel San Carlos, and was canceled only a few weeks later. Co-founders William Fucking Reed and Jared Alan are making up for lost time with one last edition of Adult Swim (for this summer, at least) on Sunday, September 5, at the San Carlos, 202 North Central Avenue. All their beat-blasting buds are invited (including Sean Watson, BC/AD, Don Ricardo, Djentrification, and Prince $$) and the frenetic festivities will be taking place poolside during the day and in the downstairs Ghost Lounge after curfew. Doors open at 2 p.m. and admission is $5 for 21-and-over crowd, $7 for underage cats. Call 602-253-4121.


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