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Against Me!

Against Me! never ceases to amaze. Searching for a Former Clarity has songs for everyone, while still being the album longtime fans would want to hear. The disc kicks off with a long guitar intro in "Miami," which is the standard Against Me! song with throaty, gritty vocals over a bluesy guitar, and a rhythm section with lots of cymbal. However, the strongest track is "Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners," which has a very Franz Ferdinand feel. It's ironic, because the lyrics detail an "irrelevant" band's fight to stay in the music industry: "How long do you really think this is going to last? How long can you hold their attention?" Such point-blank lyrics are what make Against Me! so appealing, and the band doesn't disappoint on Searching for a Former Clarity. Satire on the music industry is one thing, but in "From Her Lips to God's Ears (The Energizer)," the band calls out to Condoleezza Rice with "What should we do about the situation in Iraq? In North Korea? Condoleezza?" Well, Ms. Rice, the men of Against Me! (and the rest of the nation) are waiting for a response.


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