Alias & Tarsier

Brendon "Alias" Whitney and Rona "Tarsier" Rapadas don't technically use the needles to get their dark and vibrant combo of rhythm and female vox across; Alias instead exchanged the turntable technique for drum machines and electronic tools, while Tarsier lays her poetic lyricism on top. The duo's collision and collaboration has a magical-sounding history -- Alias released an instrumental album, Muted, and Tarsier became infatuated, inventing her own vocal narrative. She began corresponding with Alias, and the end result is their LP Brookland and Oaklyn, recently released on the influential indie label/collective Anticon. Alias has also worked with a blue-ribbon list of indie dudes like Death Cab's Ben Gibbard, and John Vanderslice, so you can correctly assume to expect the unexpected. Alias & Tarsier are hitting the Counter Culture Cafe this Monday, May 29, to bring it live. Doors open at 9 p.m., it's all ages, and admission is $7.


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