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    Bruce Cockburn The Charity of Night (Rykodisc) L. Ron Hubbard should be as cult an artist as Bruce Cockburn. Cockburn's only "hit" singles are diametric opposites--1979's "Wondering Where the Lions Are" was a jaunty bit of religious poetr...

    by Gina Arnold on March 6, 1997
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    Pop Stops the Traffic - U2 still hasn't found what it's looking for--but has it given up trying?

    K mart is trying to spiff up its image, but it's still the last place you'd expect to run into a rock star--unless, of course, that rock star is Bono. When U2 recently announced its new blue-light special at the Greenwich Village K mart, Bono gr...

    by Keith Moerer on March 6, 1997
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    Van Morrison The Healing Game (Polydor) When you've put out 27 studio albums, as Belfast's finest has, your audience checks out every new release to gauge the subtle differences with past work. Here's how The Healing Game stacks up to Mor...

    by Ted Simons on February 27, 1997
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    Back to the Future

    David Bowie Earthling (Virgin) One of several striking, almost iconic images that adorn the self-designed cover of David Bowie's new album, Earthling, is a "Kirlian photo" of a crucifix taken by Bowie in 1974. The Kirlian Camera is the in...

    by Frank Smith on February 27, 1997
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    Trashman - Where unit-moving heroes of rock are exposed as the passionless sissies they really are

    Mountain-Vu Trailer Court. Apache Junction, Arizona. 2:30 a.m. I had the Clash going. Loud. The trailer was pumping. Pabst Blue Ribbon flowed freely through my veins, and the moon and stars shone with a vengeance. Everything made sense for a chan...

    by Bill Blake on February 27, 1997
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    South by Whatever

    Once again, the Valley music scene took it on the chin from the showcase selection committee of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference. No point in going off about it at length, 'cause it's the same tired story, year after year. ...

    by David Holthouse on February 27, 1997
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    Live Wire

    Beck Celebrity Theatre February 20, 1997 Beck's not himself these days. The stage-frightened, rain-soaked, coffee-house kitten has turned into a blow-dried lion in white polyester. The muttering beatnik is now a rock star. This is the new...

    by Serene Dominic on February 27, 1997
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    Class Action Suits - All dressed up? Well, you've got someplace to go. Royal Crown Revue is about to swing through the Valley.

    Let the drums roll out, let the trumpet call while the people shout --strike up the band. --Ira Gershwin Gershwin probably had no idea that, 65 years later, the drums would still be rolling, the trumpets calling and the people--from K...

    by Pat Scott on February 27, 1997
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    Please--No More, Mr. Nice Guy!

    Pat Boone Pat Boone in a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Hip-O/MCA) Pat Boone is back in black, and God help us all. When a recording that's so wrong in so many ways returns Pat Boone--Pat Boone--to the pop charts after 34 years in cele...

    by David Holthouse on February 20, 1997
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    Christ in the Fast Lane - With Latterday Speedwagon, Jesus Chrysler Supercar is born again

    The red, white and blue Plymouth Reliant rolled off a Chrysler assembly line in 1982. Now, in the beer garden behind Boston's, the family-size station wagon is meeting a most ignoble end. Several dozen fans and members of the modern-rock combo Jesus ...

    by Leigh Silverman on February 20, 1997
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    Road Warrior - Inveterate rocker Sleepy LaBeef says rockabilly begins in church

    Sleepy LaBeef is a rockabilly from Smackover, Arkansas. Think about it: Sleepy. LaBeef. Smackover. You probably won't see a stranger, more evocative combination of words in a music story anytime soon, but in this case, it's fitting. Among tightly slo...

    by Robert Meyerowitz on February 20, 1997
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    Aphex Twin Richard B. James (Sire/Elektra) Moby--who just yesterday was the poster boy for the ensuing techno revolution--is going mortal while everyone else goes dancing. Turning his back on techno, Moby now embraces Mission of Burma and...

    by Keith Moerer on February 20, 1997
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    Far Out . . . of Touch - Five more old fogies who should never have tried to bridge the generation gap and took a bad fall

    1. Mae West--Way Out West! (Tower) 1966 Mae still had an hourglass figure, but the sands of time were quickly running out, if her manglings of beat favorites like "Day Tripper," "Twist and Shout" and "You Turn Me On" are any indicator. This c...

    by Serene Dominic on February 20, 1997
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    Buggin Out

    Critters Buggin Guest Host (LooseGroove) Shake the hand of fate for pushing Pearl Jam into the Pantheon. Because if Pearl Jam had never gotten huge, guitarist Stone Gossard wouldn't have gotten rich. And if Stone Gossard had never got...

    by David Holthouse on February 13, 1997
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    Waco Brothers Cowboy in Flames (Bloodshot) The problem with most new country music is that it's too damned polite. It's hard to imagine Garth Brooks or George Strait on a bender, and if LeAnn Rimes raises hell, I don't want to know about ...

    by Jim DeRogatis on February 13, 1997
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    Utopia Now

    On a one to 10, with half points, here's how the gala debut of Utopia--the first real attempt to translate underground dance culture into a legal, nightclub setting in the Valley--scored in the following critical areas: Music: 9.0 Resident DJ R...

    by David Holthouse on February 13, 1997
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    What's Soul Got to Do With It? - Ike & Tina's sizzling Carnegie Hall date, plus previews of Big Jack Johnson and James Harman

    Despite her success, Tina Turner has done her best to obscure the fact that she's a great singer. It doesn't help that she just launched her latest solo album, Wildest Dreams, at the same time one of her most incendiary early-'70s performances is ava...

    by Robert Meyerowitz on February 13, 1997
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    Fluffers - The Cardigans play warm fuzzies for a cold, prickly world

    Magnus Sveningsson says the Cardigans aren't as happy, happy, joy, joy as they sound. "I hope we fool listeners to think we only play happy songs," says the bass player and chief lyricist for the fluffy pop band from Sweden. "I hope people like the c...

    by Roni Sarig on February 13, 1997
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    Vanessa Daou Slow to Burn (MCA) Virgin Island jazz-pop/dance diva Vanessa Daou and her producer/instrumentalist husband Peter Daou earned the favorable notice of dance-club feminists in 1994 with Zipless, an album that set the poetry and ...

    by Michael Roberts on February 6, 1997
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    The Nature of Static

    For a company president, Superchunk front man Mac McCaughan starts work late. It's 11 a.m. in North Carolina by the time he slides into the Chapel Hill offices of his label, Merge, for an interview. McCaughan sounds relaxed and amiable on the phone, ...

    by Brendan Joel Kelley on February 6, 1997
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