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    DJ Krush Meiso (Axiom) Various artists Axiom Altered Beats: Assassin Knowledges of the Remanipulated (Axiom) Available mostly in specialty shops, surreptitiously packaged in black record jackets, the art of the deejay has sp...

    by Michael Roberts on May 16, 1996
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    Culture Club

    I used to have a friend who had a lot of mottoes. One of his best was "Life's a team sport." Which means at least play like it is. Share your water at a rave, or buy an extra ticket to give away at a Phish show. Sure, you might bestow your miracle on...

    by David Holthouse on May 16, 1996
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    The Rebirth of Emmylou Harris - The vocalist reinvents herself on a new album

    "I think anytime you make a record, it's got to be a leap of faith," contends Emmylou Harris. "Because you never know how it's going to turn out." Harris has plummeted into the unknown on numerous occasions during her more-than-quarter-century ca...

    by Michael Roberts on May 16, 1996
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    Hog Butcher for the World - On Ministry's animal farm, all the little piggies go "Splat!"

    "Stormy, husky, brawling/Fierce as a dog with tongue lapping for action/Building, breaking, rebuilding." The words which poet Carl Sandburg used to describe Chicago 80 years ago apply today to Ministry front man Al Jourgensen, the godfather of that c...

    by Matt Golosinski on May 9, 1996
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    Voice Over

    Guided by Voices Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador) One listen to Guided by Voices' latest release, Under the Bushes Under the Stars, is convincing proof that GBV is something special. Front man Robert Pollard--a former high schoo...

    by Ted Simons on May 9, 1996
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    Live Wire

    Girls Against Boys Gibson's April 30, 1996 When I was 21, it was a very good year. I spent a third of my time in New York City, subsisting on cheap Indian food and crashing in a prewar walkup in the heart of the East Village. My place was...

    by David Holthouse on May 9, 1996
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    . . . Star Bright - Jewel went from coffee-house songstress to rising star overnight, but Homer's where her heart is

    When Jewel Kilcher quit the nine-to-five life in early 1994 and moved into the cramped comforts of a '79 Volkswagen van, all she wanted to do was play music, surf and stay fed. Since then, however, Jewel has racked up credentials that evoke the envy ...

    by Laura Bond on May 2, 1996
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    Tyree Michael Carter has many pictures of himself on the walls of his office, but only one in which he's smiling. It's a shot from last Halloween, and Ty is dressed like a blaxploitation-flick pimp--a veritable mack daddy. The outfit took 13 thrift s...

    by David Holthouse on May 2, 1996
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    Wall to Walternative

    First, rhythm and blues begat "rock 'n' roll," a term that still has cachet in a few crumbling, former Soviet republics. Then came all of rock 'n' roll's bastard offspring--folk rock, acid rock, hard rock, progressive rock, country rock, punk rock--e...

    by Serene Dominic on May 2, 1996
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    Cleaning House - In this issue: Safehouse, Duh Nobuddies, Budget Girls, Hepcat and a lethal mix of speed freaks and Tuna Helper

    Consider this a call to arms. Alternative is a lie. Rock radio is a tool in the hands of the military-industrial-entertainment complex. Music is ideology. And if the System controls your stereo, the System controls your mind. The System knows this, a...

    by Brendan Joel Kelley on May 2, 1996
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    Cat-Scratch Fever - 7 Year Bitch sharpens its nails on Gato Negro

    Well, stick a monkey in front of a typewriter and sooner or later he'll write a haiku. Four years into a career ignited as a lark, and fueled on hype and connections, 7 Year Bitch has finally come up with a few decent garage-punk songs. And, Chr...

    by David Holthouse on April 25, 1996
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    Staying Alive - A new compilation album from Seattle collective Home Alive advocates self-defense by any means

    Seattle punk songstress Mia Zapata got famous for the most evil of reasons--not because of her singing, which was good, but because of her death, which was horrible. On the night of July 7, 1993, Zapata had a few beers with some friends at the C...

    by Leigh Silverman on April 25, 1996
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    Leapin' Lizard

    The Jesus Lizard Shot (Capitol) With Shot, the Jesus Lizard has made quite a leap--not only jumping ship from longtime indie Touch and Go to Capitol Records, but also taking one giant step forward as a rock 'n' roll band. God knows the Li...

    by Matt Golosinski on April 25, 1996
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    Sound and Fury

    The defining moment of the first New Times Music Awards Showcase came, for me, almost two weeks before the actual event. It was a Tuesday night and New Times was hosting a logistics summit meeting upstairs at Minder Binder's in Tempe. Representatives...

    by David Holthouse on April 25, 1996
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    Live Tracks (Freedom) The Derailers Jackpot (Watermelon) These two albums prove that your arms are never too short to shake hands with the upper management of Hillbilly Heaven. How else do you explain the spirit of Buck Owens' majes...

    by Roni Sarig on April 18, 1996
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    Songbird Rising - Live music in Phoenix is there if you want it -- whatever it is you want

    The first band I ever went to see in the Valley was Dead Hot Workshop. I could relate to the name. It was last year, on a Friday night in mid-July. I had just moved here from Alaska and promptly discovered that hangovers are even worse when you are d...

    by David Holthouse on April 18, 1996
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    1996 New Times Music Awards Showcase

    Best Alternative Rock Beat Angels They may look and play like it, but the Beat Angels aren't really under the illusion that it's still 1979. They just don't think rock 'n' roll has gotten any better since then. "The way we look at it, th...

    by K. Denino on April 18, 1996
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    Raw Deal - With the Breeders on hold, Kim Deal pares down her sound and gets Amped up

    Oh, way to go, Ohio. Dayton, Ohio, that is. The town that is sprouting rock bands like corn. Check out the run-down: Guided by Voices (together since 1986, discovered in 1993), Brainiac, the Tasties, the Method, the Afghan Whigs and--the subject of o...

    by David Holthouse on April 18, 1996
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    Bad Dog

    Iggy Pop Naughty Little Doggie (Virgin) It's 1968 and James Osterberg, a white-trash trailer-park kid from Michigan, unwittingly helps invent punk rock. He does so by christening himself Iggy Pop and gracing the concert halls of America w...

    by Ted Simons on April 11, 1996
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    Revolver - Where the seven-inch is still king

    Remember--it's always better to have a Revolver and not need one than to need a Revolver and not have one. So clip and save, 'cause it's time for another waffle-stomp through the sewers of indie rock. Your trusty guide will steer you clear of the slu...

    by Brendan Joel Kelley on April 11, 1996
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