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    Frank Talk - The artist formerly known as Black Francis speaks out on UFOs, name changes and why the magic faded from the Pixies

    Club Congress in Tucson is an intimate room with good acoustics that books important bands on a regular basis. For example, the Congress was one of the few places in the U.S. last year where Frank Black played before he went into the studio to record...

    by Jon Kinzler on February 15, 1996
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    I Bite "the Biggy One"?

    I'd heard the stories about Mason Jar owner Franco Gagliano and his temperamental impersonation of Godzilla on coke (a shorter, squatter Godzilla, that is). But I didn't believe them because I hadn't experienced any firsthand. Now I do, because ...

    by David Holthouse on February 8, 1996
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    Coven Klatsch - Some people can't take ToriAmos, which is fine--but they shouldn't blame her for it

    Tori Amos Boys for Pele (Atlantic) Kate Bush is the artist to whom Tori Amos is most often compared--usually in cynical accusations of aesthetic plagiarism and emotional fakery--but Jerry Lee Lewis makes a good, if not a better, parallel....

    by David Holthouse on February 8, 1996
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    The Earth Reinherits Joe Meek - A new retrospective sheds light on the dark side of Britain's most ingenuous record producer (don't send his soul to hell)

    Think the rock pantheon's already overcrowded with mad musical geniuses, do you? Well, make way for England's Joe Meek--the late, great Sixties record producer who merits an entire mental ward all for himself. Because he was highly eccentric and...

    by Serene Dominic on February 8, 1996
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    AC/DC Ballbreaker (AC/DC) AC/DC albums are about as interchangeable as Heinz Ketchup bottles on your grocer's shelf, but you'd notice a quality-control problem right away if Heinz started making its condiment with the smelliest, most brui...

    by Roni Sarig on February 8, 1996
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    Mother Hips Connection - This California roots-rock jam band wants to be known as more than the living Dead

    It's one minute to sound check when Blort--a rather ugly converted airport shuttle bus that Chico, California's Mother Hips call home on the road--scrapes the curb outside the Fillmore in San Francisco. It's Friday night, the Hips are in town and the...

    by Doug Miller on February 1, 1996
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    Doom Vs. Mandingo

    Some nights I wonder why I even bother, and this is one of them. When the end is so obviously and rapidly approaching, what point is there in this? And by "this" I mean whatever you are doing right now, as I am writing this column. I don't know ...

    by David Holthouse on February 1, 1996
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    Kronos Quartet Kronos Released: 1985-1995 (Nonesuch) After ten years of forcing the issue, the relentlessly eclectic Kronos Quartet can safely consider itself the hippest, baddest, most adventurous and unsettling string quartet in classic...

    by Nigey Lennon on February 1, 1996
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    Beyond the Desert - New compilation proves there's more to Arizona rock than gazing and twang

    By David Holthouse Various artists Exile on Cameron Harper Street (Epiphany) Exile on Cameron Harper Street--an ambitious compilation of Arizona bands produced by Planet magazine and (irony of ironies) released just before that public...

    on February 1, 1996
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    Bedtime for Gonzo - The last Ted Nugent interview you'll ever have to read

    This interview, conducted by Bob Mack, is excerpted with permission from the Beastie Boys' 'zine Grand Royal. You remember the "Thrilla in Manila"? The third and final superfight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier? Well, what follows is more like...

    by Bob Mack on January 25, 1996
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    B-Real: Vato Loco

    "The worst thing about this whole Ice Cube thing," says Cypress Hill rapper Louis "B-Real" Freese, "is that if this was back in the day, I would have taken care of him already." A few definitions to clarify: "This whole Ice Cube thing" refer...

    by David Holthouse on January 25, 1996
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    Mr. Mirainga Mr. Mirainga (Way Cool Records) Mamba-punk? Samba-core? That's how the PR folks at Way Cool describe their label's latest artistic acquisition. Considering that the mamba is a poisonous tree snake from Africa, it's safe to as...

    by Serene Dominic on January 25, 1996
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    Rastas on the Res - Tribal War plays the reggae music, mon. With a Havasupai flavor, don'cha know.

    Peach Springs, Arizona, can be found where old Route 66 swings through the southern tip of the 993,000-acre Hualapai Indian reservation. The burg was originally a resting spot for railroad workers. Now, it's a collection of several dozen prefab house...

    by Matt Golosinski on January 18, 1996
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    The Smithereens Attack of the Smithereens (Capitol) The same day Capitol issued its much-ballyhooed first installment of The Beatles Anthology, it also put out a cache of rare, unreleased Smithereens recordings. But unlike Anthology, whic...

    by Michelle Tardif on January 18, 1996
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    Handy Man

    Nestled within this year's list of nominees for the Chicago-based Blues Foundation's annual W.C. Handy Awards--which most blues artists and their industry kin rightly lend at least as much weight as the Grammys--is an item with a sharp local kick. ...

    by David Holthouse on January 18, 1996
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    Still in EFX - Das EFX keeps bringing it up from the underground

    The life expectancy of the average hip-hop group is comparable to that of the average housefly. Have a smash one year, and you'd better have a smash the next, or you'll wind up as extinct as the dodo. Sure, a few rhymers (such as Queen Latifah) have ...

    by Michael Roberts on January 18, 1996
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    Boss Hog Boss Hog (DGC) It's hard not to think of Boss Hog as the Mrs. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Not only is the Hog led by Cristina Martinez--Spencer's wife and fellow Pussy Galore alum--but Spencer himself plays guitar and shares voc...

    by Leigh Silverman on January 11, 1996
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    Whither Q?

    The Bad News: Despite KUKQ's business-asusual broadcasting, the indie-rock AMenclave will cease to exist sometime Monday--the third and, evidently, final time the financially strapped station has folded since it signed on in 1989. The Good News:...

    by David Holthouse on January 11, 1996
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    The Real MacKaye - Talking punk, new and old, with one of its primary architects

    Ian MacKaye is a man who likes to get to the point, so here it is: MacKaye was one of the primary architects of punk rock in America. The British invasion pulled stateside rock 'n' roll out of a creative morass in the early '60s. MacKaye--son of a U....

    by Jon Kinzler on January 11, 1996
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    Alice in Chains Alice in Chains (Columbia) Alice in Chains' new, eponymous album would make a perfect soundtrack to one of Hieronymous Bosch's paintings of hell--it's a claustrophobic, harrowing piece of work that is conversely beautiful ...

    by Roni Sarig on January 4, 1996
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