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    Police State: The Police at US Airways Arena last night

    By Brendan Joel Kelley Last night our intrepid photographer friend Luke Holwerda hit up the Police's reunion tour stop at US Airways Arena, and snapped some awesome shots (more after the jump). Here's Luke's report on the gig: The crowd was really ...

    @ Up on the Sun on June 19, 2007 @ 4:31 pm
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    Seven nights of DJs and dancing

    THURSDAY 24 Axis/Radius: Crystal Thursdays Ladies Night (Top 40, rock, dance) The Blooze Bar: DJ El Dedo (rockabilly) Bobby C's: Willy B. (old-school R&B) Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance) Casey Jones: Da Gutter Thursdays with DJ Soulman (hi...

    on January 24, 2008
  • North Scottsdale's newest slice of La VocÚ Vita


    North Scottsdale's newest slice of La Voc Vita

    Considering the stiff penalties for drinking and driving, it's not often we make our way to the outskirts of town for a cocktail. But on Friday, January 18, we were feeling particularly sober and decided to check out a brand-new joint in north Scotts...

    by Lilia Menconi on January 24, 2008
  • Joe Jackson - Rain


    Joe Jackson - Rain (Rykodisc)

    The first two lines on Joe Jackson's new album are: "Hey, can you hear me now, as I fade away and lose my ground? Maybe you'd like to know what I'd have to say, if I was still around." Are the words merely song lyrics or is ol' Joe wryly commenting o...

    by Thomas Bond on January 24, 2008
  • Cheb i Sabbah - Devotion
 (Six Degrees)


    Cheb i Sabbah - Devotion (Six Degrees)

    On his previous disc, La Kahena, San Francisco-based, Algerian-born DJ Cheb i Sabbah explored the sounds of his native North Africa, adding tracks and loops to the material he had recorded there upon his return to the U.S. This time around, the focus...

    by Ernest Barteldes on January 24, 2008
  • Kate Nash - Made of Bricks


    Kate Nash - Made of Bricks (Interscope)

    Kate Nash's debut LP, Made of Bricks, was released last summer in the U.K., where she became an overnight sensation; both the CD and single, "Foundations," charted at number one. The 20-year-old from a London suburb pals around with Lily Allen, with ...

    by Ben Westhoff on January 24, 2008
  • Various Artists - Juno: Music From the Motion Picture


    Various Artists - Juno: Music From the Motion Picture (Rhino)

    Too many movie tie-in collections put profits before cohesion. Tunes by widely disparate performers, most of whom just happen to record for companies affiliated with the film studio, wind up being tossed together willy-nilly in the hope that one of t...

    by Michael Roberts on January 24, 2008
  • Jesse Dayton and Brennen Leigh - "Holdin' Our Own" and Other Country Gold Duets


    Jesse Dayton and Brennen Leigh - "Holdin' Our Own" and Other Country Gold Duets (Stag)

    Keeping it real is always tricky. People who hate "new country" complain that it's not "authentic country." Though that may be true, it's no guarantee that every Gram Parsons-influenced, alt-country shit-kicker will be any more genuine. Jesse Dayton ...

    by Will York on January 24, 2008
  • Leon Russell


    Leon Russell

    Southern-fried piano swamp funk doesn't get better than Leon Russell. His greasy R&B cadges a hopping, Delta blues stomp, fueled by his gravelly croak and his percussive pounding at the piano. Russell left Tulsa for L.A. at 16. There, he learned guit...

    by Chris Parker on January 24, 2008
  • The Toasters


    The Toasters

    Remember way back (like, to the early '90s), when suddenly, almost out of nowhere, you heard a ska song on the radio? You inevitably thought to yourself, "What the fuck? Ska hasn't been popular in the U.S. for ages!" Shortly thereafter, you found you...

    by Sarah Ventre on January 24, 2008
  • Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash


    Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

    Sons? Unquestionably. Bastards? Probably. Of Johnny Cash? Who can say? We are all the bastard sons of Johnny Cash if we so choose to be. If, in fact, we are talking about a band and that band's themes, musical and otherwise, Mark Stuart and the other...

    by Henry Cabot Beck on January 24, 2008
  • Castanets



    The term "indie rock" is as vague as the term "rock" these days; thankfully, there are still people out there making music that can't be defined, no matter how many adjectives or hyphens scribes throw into the description. Take Asthmatic Kitty Record...

    by Niki D'Andrea on January 24, 2008
  • Yeasayer's experimental rock finds a way to make a connection


    Yeasayer's experimental rock finds a way to make a connection

    "It's like almond," Anand Wilder says, "like the nut." No, this isn't a setup for a nut joke. Wilder, the guitarist/vocalist of the abruptly acclaimed, suddenly sanctioned experimental rock group Yeasayer is, at my request, clarifying the pronunci...

    by Rob Trucks on January 24, 2008
  • Inferno



    While it might be a little chilly outside this weekend, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the 40s, local beat-slinger extraordinaire DJ Spyder and a crew of torrid turntablists are gonna be heating things up on Saturday, January 26, at Inferno...

    by Benjamin Leatherman on January 24, 2008
  • 3 Inches of Blood pools together a classic metal sound


    3 Inches of Blood pools together a classic metal sound

    Ah, the new wave of British heavy metal. Affectionately known to metalheads the world over as the NWOBHM, the genre's sound was characterized by galloping rhythms, operatic vocals, and guitars that straddled the line between wailing, classical-tinged...

    by Saby Reyes-Kulkarni on January 24, 2008
  • Why wait until December? Let's commence with the 2008 music year in review


    Why wait until December? Let's commence with the 2008 music year in review

    For those of you going through "year-in-review" withdrawal, here's a day-by-day account of what the year's given us so far. January 1: Dick Clark's "New Years Rockin' Eve" hardly rocks, with Fergie, The Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, and Miley ...

    by Serene Dominic on January 24, 2008
  • Article

    Coco Montoya at Summer of Sound: Shameless Self Promotion

    By Brendan Joel Kelley As I was reminded by my music editor, Niki D'Andrea, this morning, this weekend is packed with good music, some of it New Times related. First of all, tonight is the jazz/blues/swing installment of New Times' Summer of Sound S...

    @ Up on the Sun on June 15, 2007 @ 9:43 am
  • Article

    No More Ho's: Hope for Hip-Hop

    By Brendan Joel Kelley Recently I wrote a column about the use of certain pejorative words - "ho's," "bitches," and "niggers" - in hip-hop and the controversy that's sprung up over them recently. Luckily, it's not just the media that's concerned. H...

    @ Up on the Sun on June 14, 2007 @ 12:17 pm
  • Article

    More Ways to Kill Time at Work: Phoenix Rock City and AZPunk.com

    By Brendan Joel Kelley Since I assume that if you're reading this you likely just don't have enough to do at your place of employment, I thought I'd point you towards another site that's got the potential to do some cool shit. It's phoenixrockcity.c...

    @ Up on the Sun on June 13, 2007 @ 11:35 am
  • Article

    Metal Health: A Second to Die

    By Brendan Joel Kelley A Second to Die If you haven't noticed, I've spent a lot of time discussing metal lately, both in its traditional and innovative forms. It's earned me the ire of some and the praise of others, and apparently broken up at leas...

    @ Up on the Sun on June 11, 2007 @ 1:11 pm
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