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    Prince - Planet Earth (Sony/BMG)

    If he hadn't choked to death in London's Samarkand Hotel 37 years ago, how many mediocre records would Jimi Hendrix have dropped by now? Stevie, The Stones, Sir Paul . . . they're all way past the point where any residual genius is still expected. ...

    by Miles Marshall Lewis on August 30, 2007
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    Patti Smith - Twelve (Sony)

    A snotty music critic's hypothesis: No relevant artist releases a covers album. Several supporting examples have dropped in 2007 alone, and we'll get to those in a minute. Contrary evidence is scarce, but Exhibit A for the defense is Patti Smith's Tw...

    by Jeremy Martin on August 30, 2007
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    Daddy Yankee - El Cartel: The Big Boss (Interscope)

    It's unfortunate that Daddy Yankee is the poster boy for reggaeton in this country. It's even more unfortunate that he took this album as an opportunity to declare himself the Big Boss (of reggaeton, one would presume), mainly because the shortcoming...

    by Brian Falla on August 30, 2007
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    Okkervil River - Fun with despair

    Okkervil River's new release, The Stage Names (Jagjaguwar), was created with an eye to fun and frivolity (per notes from songwriting frontman Will Sheff). Lucky us! 'Cause the lyrics featuring suicidal poets and porn stars, burned-out man-children ...

    by Julie Peterson on August 30, 2007
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    Honeyboy Edwards - The rumors are true

    Blues singer/guitarist David "Honeyboy" Edwards wasn't just influenced or inspired by icons Robert Johnson and Big Joe Williams, he actually played with them. Born in 1915 into a hardscrabble existence in Shaw, Mississippi, Edwards was literally bapt...

    by Mark Keresman on August 30, 2007
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    Jumping Jack Frost - All your drum 'n' bass are belong to him

    P-Town has played host to a number of giants in the drum 'n' bass genre over the past six months, including Goldie, Dieselboy, and Dara, to name a few. And now, to top it off, one of the godheads of the d'n'b movement, Jumping Jack Frost, is gonna be...

    by Benjamin Leatherman on August 30, 2007
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    Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing - Who's spinning what, where and when

    Thursday 30 Andersons: S.W.A.G. Thursdays with DJ Essence, DJ Astonish, & Bryce Breeze (hip-hop, reggae, R&B) Baja Tillys: DJ Adrian (old school, R&B, cumbia, reggaeton) The Blooze: DJ El Dedo (rockabilly) Bobby Cs: Willy B. (old-scho...

    on August 30, 2007
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    Royale Treatment

    So, I'm on a mission to find a place to host an official Booze Pig happy hour near downtown, and because most of the go-to Phoenix dives are disappearing (Newman's, Big Al's, News Room, Chez Nous) the pickins are slim. Then, I remember this square bl...

    by C.M. Redding on August 30, 2007
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    Let Them Eat Peachcake

    2007 has gotten off to a relatively slow start. We've been home now since the beginning of December, meandering through the holidays, amongst the family bruhaha, and though it's been nice, and a bit of some needed downtime, or a necessary "break" in ...

    @ Up on the Sun on January 15, 2007 @ 10:57 am
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    I don't ordinarily get vindictive towards bands that I actually like, but I've got to solicit y'all's assistance in lighting a fire under the arses of the guys in spazz/punk outfit We Fly Our Kites at Night. The boys, who I wrote about more than a ye...

    @ Up on the Sun on January 12, 2007 @ 9:18 am
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    I've been wondering what local indie/alt/punk trio the Necronauts have been up to lately; seems I haven't heard about any shows or tours recently, and they're one of the most entertaining acts we've got around here. If you've been missing Billy, Andr...

    @ Up on the Sun on January 11, 2007 @ 9:39 am
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    The Conservatory Kids

    I've been hanging out with a few kids ("kids" being relative; some are teens still, some in their thirties) that are in the next graduating class at the Conservatory, listening to their projects (almost all want to be producers) and asking their eval...

    @ Up on the Sun on January 10, 2007 @ 12:24 pm
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    TrEmUlaNtS - Helicopter Moon (self-released)

    There's nothin' like a good old-fashioned drag show to kick off a CD-release party. Earlier this month, in what was quite possibly the wildest performance ever to grace the stage at Yucca Tap Room, a swarm of drag kings and queens danced, spanked, an...

    by Adriane Goetz on August 23, 2007
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    Analog Roll - Local mystery mixer Djentrification stays out of cyberspace

    When we think of Willy Wonka, we think of a busy-bee eccentric, an inventor of sweet treats that capture the world's imagination, a dude who's content to plod away in a bizarre factory while ignoring societal norms in the process. So it's fitting ...

    by Steve Jansen on August 23, 2007
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    Krall's Fair in Love and War - Keeping it cool

    Rich, hardcore jazz fans are different from you and me. They demand utter dedication to this art form from both artist and listener. Jazz is America's "classical music" serious, high art and, to the aficionado, "pure" jazz is the only worthwhile ...

    by Mark Keresman on August 23, 2007
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    Antichrist Superstars - Absinthe makes the heathens grow fonder

    After a four-year absence, Marilyn Manson has returned to the public eye in the video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses," porking his barely legal girlfriend in a rain of blood. That kind of flashy, trashy imagery may prevent Manson from ever being taken ser...

    by D.X. Ferris on August 23, 2007
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    Dax Riggs - We Sing of Only Blood or Love (Fat Possum Records)

    Legend says that blues great Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil at the crossroads in exchange for ungodly musical skill. Dax Riggs, former singer/guitarist of indie-rock duo Dead Boy and the Elephantmen, seems to have had a similar meeting wit...

    by Niki D'Andrea on August 23, 2007
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    Blanche Davidian - Orange Sunshine (Vodka Tonic Media)

    The psychedelic effects shine through sonically on Blanche Davidian's second album. Songs like "Queef Action" and "Rottweilers Keep Following Me" brim with fuzz and roar with reverb behind singer Jamie Monistat VII's spacey, snarky vocals, and the ti...

    by Niki D'Andrea on August 23, 2007
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    Goodbye Tomorrow - Give them something to cry about

    Goodbye Tomorrow might sound like a ridiculously cynical name for a band that hasn't even released its first album, but . . . well, okay, it is. One can't help but imagine that lead singer Travis Bryant and his Phoenix-based crew are on some sort o...

    by Cole Haddon on August 23, 2007
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    Jerry Lawson - Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town (Musical Earth)

    Ignore the cheesy cover art. Though it resembles a no-budget local LP pressing from 1970, Talk of the Town is one humdinger of a vocal album. For 40 years you read right Jerry Lawson was a singer with the long-lived a cappella group the Persuasio...

    by Mark Keresman on August 23, 2007
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