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    Amon Tobin - Foley Room (Ninja Tune)

    For Amon Tobin's Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack, the Brazilian-born UK resident and producer/DJ spun delicately assembled cinematic instrumentals into epic nightmarish video-game backdrops, boasting chopped organ and string section bits ove...

    by Dominic Umile on April 12, 2007
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    Tom Baker Quartet - Look What I Found (Present Sounds Recordings)

    In a progressive jazz culture dominated by New York and Chicago, other towns with improvised music scenes tend to get the shaft. That's too bad, because pockets of experimental sounds from Santa Cruz, California, to Montague, Massachusetts contin...

    by Steve Jansen on April 12, 2007
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    Hella - Have to kiss a lot of prog

    It's funny how trends turn in terms of the cool becoming pass and the unspeakably lame becoming "the shit." For first-wave punks, guitar solos were as voguish as a Three's Company T-shirt; the ascendance of Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr. made nimble-...

    by Mark Keresman on April 12, 2007
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    Street to Nowhere - Come and listen to their story

    Though there is no shortage of young, angst-ridden musicians with angst-ridden tales to tell, ultimately, the power of a story is in its telling a notion that puts Dave Smallen, the brains and emotion behind Oakland's Street to Nowhere, at the top ...

    by Emily Zemler on April 12, 2007
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    Deerhunter - Now with less fuzz!

    Santa Cruz's Comets on Fire. D.C.'s Dead Meadow. Japan's Ghost. Add Atlanta's Deerhunter to the list. With the summer of '07 fast approaching, a new slew of bands is channeling the ghosts of the Summer of Love, 40 years after the original hippie coun...

    by Chris Nixon on April 12, 2007
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    ZZ Top - Well worth the parking

    Yes, it's been too long since ZZ Top has made a song half as brilliant as "La Grange" or "Tube Snake Boogie." But if classic rock has taught us anything, and we both know it has, it's that it doesn't matter if an old band's new stuff isn't fit to sha...

    by Ed Masley on April 12, 2007
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    My Friend Jason's House - Gory hallelujah

    Even though Camp Crystal Lake ain't anywhere near P-Town, the dance demons of ClixBagofTricks and Mafiatic will channel the teen-slashing spirit of Jason Voorhees for their latest raucous rave event, My Friend Jasons House. The horrifying all-night ...

    by Benjamin Leatherman on April 12, 2007
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    Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing - Who's spinning what, where and when

    Thursday 12 Bikini Lounge: Scratchy Rekkid Night with DJ Shane Kennedy (various) Bobby C's: Willie B (old-school R&B) Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance) The Door: Pink Thursdays with DJ Astonish (hip-hop, Motown, Top 40) Dos Gringos - Scottsdale...

    on April 12, 2007
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    The Insects Are Free - Drunken Immortals' side project aims for global swarming

    Back in the late '90s, I was getting pretty tired of Drunken Immortals the group was playing a weekly hip-hop night at the now-shuttered Arizona Roadhouse Brewery and, after that, weekly at a place called Donny Brasco's. I've always believed in the...

    by Brendan Joel Kelley on April 5, 2007
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    Dark Star Orchestra: Reviving the Dead - The set lists remain the same

    Dark Star Orchestra is as close to the Grateful Dead as you'll get these days, but don't think of them as a tribute band. No member tries to look like any of the Dead. There's no effort to talk like them, either. Instead, the DSO picks a different De...

    by Cole Haddon on April 5, 2007
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    Ted Leos Neo-Punk - Saying his peace

    Few artists have spoken more eloquently or more passionately about the high cost of life during wartime since Bush took the wheel as commander in chief than indie-punk hero Ted Leo. On his latest effort, Living With the Living, Leo sizes up the p...

    by Ed Masley on April 5, 2007
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    Movin in Mesa - Taking it underground

    Mesa may not be known for a totally bumpin' night life, but when we heard about "Sound in the Ground: Jelly/Belly" on Thursday, March 29 at Mesa Contemporary Arts, we thought it might be worth checking out especially because Mesa Arts Center is one...

    by Lilia Menconi on April 5, 2007
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    Runaway Diamonds Are Forever - Local rockers form "a lovable cult"

    She's been part of The Spirit Squad, Runaway Diamonds' life-affirming wall of vocals, for nearly a year now. But when people ask Rhianna Riggs what the Phoenix band sounds like, she has no idea what to tell them. "You're just like 'Well, Gabriel p...

    by Ed Masley on April 5, 2007
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    The Field - From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt)

    Axel Willner's debut album stutters so much, sometimes it's as if the speakers will wobble off the table's edge and crash to the floor in pieces. As The Field, Willner casts his ubiquitous, reliable software looping techniques in a frequently satisfy...

    by Dominic Umile on April 5, 2007
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    Blonde Redhead - 23 (4AD Records)

    "I'll await you, while you're cheating/lightning strikes you when you're moving," sings Blonde Redhead frontwoman Kazu Mikino, whose vocals float atop rhythmic looping riffs in "The Dress," as she delves into loving-you-less and proves that early-'90...

    by Drea Lee Rice on April 5, 2007
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    Meanest Man Contest/ Languis - Split (Sneakmove)

    West Coast electro-shoegaze outfit Languis took its already compelling sound to towering heights last year on the mysterious, electronically enhanced stoner pop of Other Desert Cities. For Split, their shared platform with Bay Area leftfield hip-hop ...

    by Dominic Umile on April 5, 2007
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    Matt the Electrician - Not too earnest and just reverent enough

    A recurring problem with many Americana/neo-roots-music performers can be summed up thusly: Terminal Earnestness, an affliction that compels a songster to prove how salt-of-the-earth "authentic" s/he is, no matter what graduate program they recently ...

    by Mark Keresman on April 5, 2007
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    Brand New - Even newer

    This band named its latest effort The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. And it sounds like the devil is getting all the better punches in as Jesse Lacey leads Brand New through moments as explosive as the chorus hook of "Sowing Season," howling "Ye...

    by Ed Masley on April 5, 2007
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    Die! Die! Die! - Check between the toes

    November 2000: With filming on the multimillion-dollar Lord of the Rings trilogy almost complete, New Line Cinema's mercenary cavalry teams silently scour the moors and mountain peaks of New Zealand in a desperate search for the three experimental va...

    by Matthew Neff on April 5, 2007
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    The Shins - Kicking it

    Combining the dulcet tones of the Beach Boys with melodies so infectious the Beatles might turn green with envy, The Shins typify what's right with early 21st-century pop music. This is not Clear Channel's contrived cookie-cutter pop. This is indie p...

    by Tracy M. Rogers on April 5, 2007
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