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    Sugarcult - Less annoying to the old folks

    Listening to tracks off Sugarcult's new album, Lights Out (V2), you would never know this is the same group of four men that annoyed MTV viewers senseless with its Van Wilder-tie-in video for "Bouncing Off the Walls" a few years back. Two albums an...

    by Emily Zemler on October 5, 2006
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    James McMurtry - Lyric poetry

    Let's face it. Most singer-songwriter music is lukewarm high school poetry without the hooks and energy that seem to make the lukewarm high school poetry you get with Fall Out Boy or even Ashlee Simpson that much easier to swallow. Then, there's ...

    by Ed Masley on October 5, 2006
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    Busdriver - Sleeping soon on a floor near you

    Over the course of the past decade, and with four highly innovative and sadly underrated indie albums, L.A.-based hip-hop artist Busdriver built a reputation in the underground by spitting poignant rhymes with a sense of humor set against fiercel...

    by Niki D'Andrea on October 5, 2006
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    Underground Thursdays - Flame and fortune

    Although temperatures might be cooling down with the onset of fall here in the PHX, San Francisco's DJ Jacaranda and the flame-flinging freaks of local fire performance troupe S_T_3 are gonna be heating up your Thursday nights over at Ichiban Japanes...

    by Benjamin Leatherman on October 5, 2006
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    Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing - Who's spinning what, where and when

    Thursday 5 AZ 88: Mr. P-Body (synth pop, electro) Bunkhouse Lounge: DJ Doom (dance) Camus: Pablo Gomez (electronic, rock, pop, avant-garde) Club Central: DJs Ernie G. (hip-hop, R&B) & Luis (salsa, merengue) The Door: DJ J Nasty (hip-hop, ...

    on October 5, 2006
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    Back Country - Original spin

    Spend one of your Sunday nights, as I did recently, at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, and you're likely to see what will at first seem like an anomaly a pretty, diminutive, 30-year-old woman named Dana Armstrong sitting behind two turntables playing ...

    by Brendan Joel Kelley on September 28, 2006
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    The O Show - Look out above

    Karen O, the focal point of any Yeah Yeah Yeahs show, works the stage like Iggy Pop in fishnets, a force of unnatural nature overdoing every gesture, every post-"Rock Lobster" vocal tic, until you'd have to be a fool to turn away. She's part train wr...

    by Ed Masley on September 28, 2006
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    Hard Luck of the Irish - Low-down, dirty Shane

    Shane MacGowan's continued existence on the planet is nothing short of a miracle that would test the resolve of even the most determined atheist. I've personally witnessed the notorious Pogues front man who'll turn 49 on Christmas Day ingest an i...

    by Michael Alan Goldberg on September 28, 2006
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    Prodigal Son - Jonny Lang dumps drugs and finds Jesus

    Six years ago, Jonny Lang faced a crossroads in his music career and personal life. Too much underage drinking, cigarette smoking and drugs, plus an obsession with witchcraft, threatened to ruin his career and create havoc in his personal life. A rev...

    by Robert Hicks on September 28, 2006
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    Stoked - Breakin' the Rules (Lock & Key Records)

    There's a goofy little beach scene on the album cover that could fool you into thinking these guys made a surf-rock record. But it's nothing like that, really. Sure, they do a track called "Surf" that starts off as a shameless "Pipeline" knockoff, bu...

    by Ed Masley on September 28, 2006
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    Paris James - Death Letter (Dreamvox)

    The first CD from local bluesician Paris James harks back to the back-porch country blues of the 1920s, when players like Blind Blake and Blind Lemon Jefferson were finger-picking through a mix of folk, gospel hymns, and Delta blues. The sounds of sp...

    by Niki D'Andrea on September 28, 2006
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    Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger (Relapse)

    Surrounded by mountains of amps stacked and cranked to unhealthy heights, Jucifer can shatter half of generic modern metal's fibulas with just its feedback. The coed Atlanta duo literally rattles plaster loose, and drummer Edgar Livengood pounds the ...

    by D.X. Ferris on September 28, 2006
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    J Dilla - The Shining (Bbe)

    Rap producer James "J Dilla" Yancey, who died of lupus at age 32 in February, didn't yet have the industry clout of peers like the Neptunes or Kanye West, but he sure had their respect, working with everybody from Ghostface Killah to Janet Jackson. T...

    by Tim Grierson on September 28, 2006
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    The Kingdom - K1 (Arena Rock)

    As a bed of acoustic guitar is lazily strummed below Charles Westmoreland's vocal gymnastics on "Driver," the opening track off Portland-based band The Kingdom's new LP, one may recall another NW purveyor of bliss-pop, The Shins. But it becomes clear...

    by Jonah Flicker on September 28, 2006
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    Viva Voce - Get Yr Blood Sucked Out (Barsuk Records)

    Marriage is all about communication, compromise, and . . . psychedelic indie rock. At least it is for Kevin and Anita Robinson, otherwise known as Viva Voce, who have popped out four albums of the stuff since 1998. The Portland, Oregon, couple's la...

    by Nate Seltenrich on September 28, 2006
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    Art Brut - One-disc wonders

    Last fall, Art Brut was the hotness du jour, the toast of all things hipster and good. A year later, the South London band is still touring behind its now-old album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll. The quintet, whose album was issued this spring by New York ...

    by Mosi Reeves on September 28, 2006
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    Queensrche - Ax on a plane

    Queensrche has prompted many deep questions in the course of its 20 years as a band: What does it mean to be silently lucid? Has anyone ever been noisily lucid? Is Dr. X noisily lucid? (Ronnie James Dio certainly is.) Further: Does "conceptual metal...

    by Chris Glenn on September 28, 2006
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    Edgefest - Still hot

    Summer festivals might be winding down elsewhere in the country, but since it's sunny and hot nine months out of the year here, the Valley's guaranteed to have a few more super-sized summer shows before we get the big fall festivals. Edgefest 2006, p...

    by Niki D'Andrea on September 28, 2006
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    Frank Black - Now Pixie-free!

    Frank Black could be living the easy life, riding the public's insatiable thirst for the Pixies through another big nostalgia tour. But he'd clearly prefer to be doing his own thing. Consider the staggering volume of solo material he's been able to c...

    by Ed Masley on September 28, 2006
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    The "Up Close and Personal" Tour - Or far away and anonymous, depending on your seats

    The lineup for the hip-hop/R&B-flavored "Up Close and Personal" extravaganza is everything the Arizona Diamondbacks weren't this year young, hungry, and well able to bash out the hits. Juelz Santana is the 23-year-old, Harlem-born rapper who first ...

    by Michael Alan Goldberg on September 28, 2006
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