Art Brut: "Archetypal British rock."

Art Brut

Last fall, Art Brut was the hotness du jour, the toast of all things hipster and good. A year later, the South London band is still touring behind its now-old album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll. The quintet, whose album was issued this spring by New York label Downtown Records after doing torrid business in overseas imports, plays witty, snotty, and punky thrash — in short, archetypal British rock. Their killer single is "Formed a Band," which goes something like "Formed a band/We formed a band/Look at us, we formed a band!" They've got other winners, too, like "Fight" (where they brag about beating up people) and "Emily Kane" (where singer Eddie Argos pines over his teenage girlfriend). "There's not much glamour about the English weather/There's nothing left keeping us together," Argos sings on "Moving to L.A." All ace stuff, and of course we love to have him in the good ol' U.S. of A. But really, where's the bloody new album?


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