Artists for Action

The fact that the most onerous components of SB 1070 were blocked by a judge hasn't done much to dull the rage of angry activists across the country. In the music world, the ink wasn't yet dry on the judge's ruling when Zack de la Rocha and his posse of AZ haters were vowing to continue boycotting the state. So it makes a lot of sense that Artists for Action, a true grassroots movement featuring some of our state's best bands, is still fighting the battle in their own way. Namely, by showing solidarity between mostly white indie rock kids and their Hispanic friends and neighbors. AA has lined up a hell of a show at Marquee Theatre: Tucson's Calexico, Sand Rubies, Salvador Duran, and Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta, along with ex-Phoenicians Miniature Tigers, and locals Big Son (Sam Means of The Format and Jeff and Chris of Reubens Accomplice) and Kinch. The show is free if you promise to vote, but they're not checking voter registration cards or anything. Oh, and it's also free if you're legally unable to vote because you're a convicted felon or a non-citizen. However, it's $30 if you're religiously or philosophically opposed to voting. So anarchists and the Amish, among others, are screwed. The rest of us have a great free show to see, however.


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