Arty Girl: Eve Plumb at Bonner David Galleries

By Lilia Menconi

Arty Girl: Eve Plumb at Bonner David Galleries

Eve Plumb as we remember her.

Celebrity and art - yum! - one of my very favorite topics. I'm endlessly fascinated with the way celebrities are able to assign instant value to an artist simply by purchasing a piece. Or, better yet, when a celebrity decides to be an artist and achieves success.

Valley Ho Pitcher by Eve Plumb.

Are their works truly good? Or is it just their name that propels the work? I'm not going to dig deep here. But, if you're interested, here's my rant. On that topic, we've got a celebrity/artist (or should we call her an artist/celebrity?) coming to Scottsdale's Bonner David Galleries. Eve Plumb is also known as none other than Jan Brady. Yes, she is all grown up and fancies herself a painter. She's self taught and in this show, "Room Service", she shows still life paintings inspired by her everyday life and travels. Not only can you see her show open tomorrow night, but you can hang with her from 6-9 p.m. Bonner David Galleries, 7040 Main Street in Scottsdale, 480-941-8500,

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