Arty Girl: James Turrell at Phoenix Art Museum

Arty Girl: James Turrell at Phoenix Art Museum

It's waaaay prettier in real life, I swear.

God bless the Contemporary Forum. God Bless 'em, I say!

Last night was the unveiling of the new James Turrell installation at Phoenix Art Museum and the Contemporary Forum - the support organization committed to accumulating donations in support of the museum's contemporary collection - are the guys who bought the piece.

If you've been following my writing over the past couple years (that's you, Dad), it should come as no surprise that I'm pumped about this. I've basically written my ass off about the Turrell installation at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art so I'm relieved to have another work in town on which to focus my efforts.

Arty Girl: James Turrell at Phoenix Art Museum

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Yeah, well...ours is bigger!

The commissioned work is the largest thus far in Turrell's Tall Glass series. The installations are large panels, mounted in museum walls, that glow as they shift through a spectrum of color. They are paintings made of light. Clocking in at a monumental 20' tall by 10' wide, PAM's piece is installed in the Cummings Great Hall and will no doubt be a staple of the museum.

Ok, confession time: I didn't see it last night. Normally, I'd scold myself like crazy for such behavior. But, for Turrell, I want to make my first viewing special. So I need to take a special person with me.

And he doesn't get back into town until next week.

Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, 602-257-1222,

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