Asylum Street Spankers @ The Rhythm Room

The Asylum Street Spankers epitomize cheeky, hokey, pun-filled humor. The octet layers stringed instruments with intricate harmonies to create a backwoods sound. Then, it adds showmanship and humorous lyrics about getting loaded before breakfast and having a neighbor who fires up his leaf blower before dawn. (Oh, yeah, they also have a children's album.) Having gone through more than 50 band members in its 17-year tenure, the Austin-based group has finally decided to call it quits after one last loop around the country. Part of their "Spanks for Everything" tour, this show will undoubtedly showcase music from throughout their career, from the drunk-inspired sass that made them famous to songs that address gray social and political issues that the group feels passionately about, like the Iraq War. They've always kept audiences on their toes, and knowing their attitude, this bittersweet goodbye will be one hell of a party.


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