Atllas will rule the world for food.


You'd think having the biggest-selling local CD in 2003, The King of AZ, would have this MC resting on his braggadocio. But it's 2005, and Atllas is champing at the mic -- literally. As the title song screams out, "Hunger and Starvation" is not some Neverland faux ballad about feeding the world, but an extreme gauge that measures how far down the human behavioral chain Atllas is willing to swing to get respect from the proverbial hand that feeds. Self-described as "boxed in" with a 9-to-9 job and responsibilities, he's taking names and waiting for the day he can wreak his revenge on the industry suits who haven't validated him yet so he can, in turn, inspire legions of haters. "My hunger is approaching starvation and you motherfuckers are gonna listen," he tirades on the album's opening dream sequence, "Aggressive Demo Shopping," where he forces himself into a corporate boardroom and threatens to take the English language as a hostage. "I'm about to kill the alphabet, I'm one word away," and "My attitude is worse than Donald Trump's wig," he warns, but it's not all laughs and threats. There is a conscience, too, on the quiet groove "You're a Loser," where Atllas has the good sense to schedule female posse member Anzerita to lecture a gold-digging shorty on self-sufficiency. Bon appétit!


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