Aura: Garnet

Some things are just awesome together: chocolate and peanut butter, Britney Spears and drunken rampages, trance music and belly dancing. Local DJ collective Overmind Works serves up the latter in spades at its monthly laid-back dance spectacular Aura, which goes down at belly dancing joint the Mystic Jewell Studio, 524 West Broadway Road in Tempe. This weekend's edition, Aura: Garnet, on Saturday, January 13, features Overmind residents Hahn the Barbarian, Nick Synergy, Dionysos Pan Eros, and Moksha Mind spinning psychedelic trance, tribal beats, and "ethno-chill tunes" for folks who can also partake in henna tattoos, a hookah lounge, and fire artistry by S_T_3, when they aren't busting a move on the hardwood dance floor. (Attendees will be asked to remove their shoes on the dance floor, but clean, soft-soled shoes will be allowed.) Chill out from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Admission to the 18-and-over event costs $5. Visit for more information.


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