Authority Zero

Locals Authority Zero expand their horizons.

After moving 80,000 copies of its Lava Records debut, A Passage in Time, Mesa's Authority Zero returns with a mlange of ska, punk, rock, and even an Irish drinking song on its sophomore effort, Andiamo. Seamlessly wavering between reggae-dub ("Madman") and acerbic punk songs such as "Revolution" and "PCH," Authority Zero gives obvious nods to peers/influences such as Pennywise and Bad Religion, but also hones in on its own talents of two-part harmonies, aggressive, chugging guitar, and socially conscious lyrics. The band even dabbles in its Portuguese and Spanish roots with "Siempre Loco," featuring guitarist/vocalist Bill Marcks' flamenco guitar stylings, and "Chile Con Crudo," which reflects the quartet's sense of humor. It's an eclectic mix overall, but the band pulls it off.

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