AZPunk.comp CD release party

Punk's not dead, and thanks to the booming local music site AZPunk, it's not exploited, either. AZPunk.comp Volume 4 offers equal-opportunity aggression from a mind-boggling 37 bands from across the Valley and such far-flung punk enclaves as Tuba City and Yuma. In almost 75 minutes of music, there's old-school anarchy, pissed-off hardcore, Motörhead-spawned thrash, and even some melodic chaos, perhaps spun with a ska bounce or a rockabilly twang. A few of the acts from Volume 3 make encores, but there are plenty of comp first-timers here, and new blood is always good. Ah, so many different ways to say "fuck you" -- to that, we say, "Fuck yeah."


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