Backstreet Boys

It's like they never left: The Backstreet Boys

C'mon, A.J., pick up the damn phone, Nick thought to himself.


"A.J., it's Nick, what's up?"

"Hey, Nick, how's it goin'? Wait a sec, lemme mute the TV . . ."

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"Whatcha watchin'?"

"Oh, just this thing on the History Channel about Hitler invading Russia and how he fucked it up 'cause he didn't learn from Napoleon's mistakes -- you know, all that 'history repeating itself' crap."

"Oh, cool, I don't know much about the Vietnam War, I should check that out."

"Umm, yeah . . . anyways, what's up, Nick?"

"Check it -- I was talking to Brian, Kevin and Howie, and they wanna get the group back together."

"Whoa, really?"

"Yeah, what do you think?"

"That's a pretty good idea! I know we've been away for a few years, and that whole pop scene is dead, but we can bring it back. Dude, I know we won't be another New Kids on the Block."

"That's right, man, we've had huge hit songs and albums, we can sing, and we have a huge fan base that will never desert us. I know we can keep this thing rolling."

"Let's do it! What could possibly go wrong?"

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