Backyard Babies

How Swede it is: Backyard Babies

If rock critics ran the world, the Backyard Babies would be headlining stadiums instead of sweating it out in closet-sized rock dives. But none of the three albums the Swedish band's released since 1997 has managed to awaken slumbering U.S. rock fans. See how influential the press is? Liquor & Poker is attempting to rectify this situation with Tinnitus, a 12-track best-of culled from 1997's Total 13, 2001's Making Enemies Is Good, and 2003's Stockholm Syndrome. Every track here is brass-knuckled rock 'n' roll in the spirit of Mot├Ârhead, Social Distortion, and Hanoi Rocks. The Babies have got riffs to spare and choruses crispy and catchy enough to convert any listener with a taste for punk-metal grrr. Besides, their Eurovision street-trash look is damn close to perfect (a couple of unfortunate beards excepted). It's high time American rock kids let the Backyard Babies kick out their jams.

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