Band of Horses

After 10 years at the helm of minimalist indie-mopers Carissa's Wierd [sic], Pacific Northwesterners Ben Bridwell and Matt Brooke decided, upon that group's disintegration in 2004, to let their inner Crazy Horses run free on their next musical venture. And so they dubbed their new band, appropriately enough, Band of Horses; in the two years since, they've released a debut album (Everything All the Time) on Sub Pop, swelled to a five-piece unit, and become, in our humble opinion, the best band currently operating in Seattle, if not the entire country (hyperbole be damned!). The Phil Ek-produced Everything is majestic, dynamic, and transcendent, in much the same way that epic Neil Young and Built to Spill songs can be — those comparisons are quite apt given Bridwell's high, yearning voice and the Horses' familiarly ragged, emotional guitar grandeur, but they've established themselves as accomplished tunesmiths in their own right with such near-perfect pieces as "The Funeral" and "The Great Salt Lake." This will be one of the best shows you'll see this summer.


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