Batucada Label Launch

To say that DJs Senbad and Pete "Supermix" Salaz have been around the block in the 'Nix is a freakin' understatement. Salaz just celebrated his 20th year DJing, after starting out with local legend Eddie Amador back in 1986. The self-proclaimed "house music souldier" and partner Senbad have been rocking their Batucada parties for quite a while, but the blowout at Next (7111 East Fifth Avenue in Scottsdale) on Wednesday, June 28, will be a special one. The duo is celebrating the launch of their own Batucada record label, and at midnight it'll be Senbad's 36th birthday. The festivities will be marked by an opening tag team set by Senbad and Maji, culminating in a set by Om Records sensation Marques Wyatt. Admission for Batucada's Summer Sessions V.2 (as they're calling this particular get-down) is only $7, or free before 11 p.m. Don't miss the chance to congratulate the Batucada boys on their ambitious new label and shake Salaz's hand for persevering on the tables for 20 years.


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