Beautiful Drag

There's nothing like a good ol' drag show to scum up a wholesome holiday with the family. That was the idea at Amsterdam's 4th Annual Thanksgiving Night Show last Thursday, November 23, when everyone sucked in their turkey-filled guts and squeezed into their clubbing clothes. The fabulously flamboyant show starred Mya McKenzie, with a guest appearance by the hilarious Barbara Seville. The drag queens' abundant lip-synching and choreography rocked the greatest hits of Janet Jackson, Pink, and Britney Spears — and the standup comedy wasn't bad, either.

Our only complaint was that the hordes of beautiful boys were feeling too bloated to get in front of our camera, and we had to deal with more denials than ever. Fat photo phobia aside, the night was filled with jolly drinking and laughing as our holiday woes were wooed away by the incessant wiener and pussy jokes — a must-have for any good drag show.


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