Before Braille's Balance and Timing EP

Before Braille

The members of Before Braille decided they couldn't make their fans wait until 2005 to hear new tunes, so for this six-song teaser EP, they recorded four new tracks (three of which are acoustic), and then tacked on a couple tracks from Tired of Not Being Away From Here, the new album set for release in January. Opener "Merry Christmas, I'm Cheating" is blunt and nonchalant, and goes into the bitter reality of cheating with lyrics like, "And when you sleep in our bed tonight, know that it is shared sometimes." The EP also includes an acoustic version of that song, called "Ex-mas Eve," that has a more heartfelt tone and shows off drummer Kelly Reed's talent, proving that Before Braille's honesty and musical versatility can elicit a range of different emotions.


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