Biffy Clyro @ The Clubhouse Music Venue

The Beatles' attack on American charts in the '60s was only the first incarnation of "The British Invasion." Like clockwork, at least one British band seemingly every decade manages to become ridiculously popular in the States — even more popular than they are across the pond. The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and Coldplay are just a few. Scotland, however, has never been one of the British Isles' hotbeds of crossover success. There have been a few notable exceptions over the years (Belle and Sebastian, anyone?), but for the most part, it is England and Ireland that have managed to export rock talent. One band looking to buck that trend is Biffy Clyro. This Scottish trio has been making records since 2002 and has become a pretty big deal in the U.K., though they remain relatively unknown to American audiences. The group got its first taste of success with its 2007 album Puzzle, on which they came across sounding like a Scottish version of the Foo Fighters. The band's latest album, 2009's Only Revolutions, finds the band moving in more an electro-pop-rock direction. Though it seems a big departure in sound, Only Revolutions was a huge hit both commercially and critically in the U.K. And though Scottish electro-pop-rock may not necessarily bw your cup of tea, it certainly sounds better than a plate of haggis.


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