Black Cactus Records Presents @ Long Wong's

For the past two years, the artist-owned and -operated record label collective known as Black Cactus Records effectively has helped push Phoenix-based music to the masses. Comprising local bands the Necronauts, Tremulants, Former Friends of Young Americans, High Horse, and Midnight Vitals, the cooperative has helped facilitate a better creative environment by taking responsibility for and sharing the day-to-day dealings that normally plague musicians and hinder the music-making process. To commemorate their sophomore year, BCR will be celebrating during the entire month of February with a string of shows to benefit the label's second album compilation, due in March. The 16-track record runs the gamut of Valley talent, offering a sweet sample of our fair city's musical landscape, from the varied sounds of Phoenix to national contributors like The Suggies, Slow Trucks, Megafauna, and Evil Tents.


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