DJ Sam Groove

Blackjack @ The Pressroom

Sam Groove isn't much of a gambler. However, the local DJ and nightlife promoter knows a thing to two about playing the odds, raising the stakes, and cleaning up big. For proof, just look at the success that Groove and the other EDM aficionados behind Hades Entertainment have had with Blackjack, their annual casino-themed dance party. Since debuting as a Scottsdale club night in 2010, the event's size, crowds, and DJ lineups have grown each year. Hence the fact it's gone down at bigger and better venues as a result. And according to Groove, they're planning to up the ante once again with the 2013 edition of Blackjack, which takes place on Friday, August 30, at the gigantic event space The Pressroom, 441 West Madison Street. "It's definitely gonna be a much larger party than before," he says. That means three separate stages, each boasting its own look, and an exhaustive roster of close to three-dozen DJs performing during the eight-hour affair. But while Blackjack's size and location have changed, it's still focused on showcasing local talents, ranging from more-established artists like Matt Dunn, Bryce "Decade" Holt, and Nasty Nos on the Mirage and Jackpot stages to such up-and-comers as Body Tricks, Lagswitch, and Dippin Skinny in the Goldstrike lounge. "We've often given opportunities to DJs you might not have heard before," Groove says. "Now that it's a larger-scale event this year, we can dedicate an entire stage to undiscovered DJs." Besides peeping all the selectors, attendees can also play blackjack games around the Pressroom. Although no actual money is involved, there's a chance to win big prizes like tickets to upcoming EDM events and festivals. The party runs from 8 p.m. until 4 a.m. Tickets are $15. Visit


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