Blood on the Dance Floor

Not too long into my first spin of Blood on the Dance Floor's two full-length albums, Let's Start a Riot and It's Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World, I have to admit I was feeling old. Because, seriously, when music frightens and confuses you, that's probably the real explanation. Just ask my dad, who suffered through my torturous explanation of the appeal of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. BOTDF, as the band calls itself, is an off-the-wall blend of techno, glam, pop, rap, and grindcore. It's not so bad, actually: If I have to hear screaming death-metal vocals, I'd rather hear them overlaid with techno beats and the goofy bravado that can come only from white kids rapping, like when they "got you wetter than Hurricane Katrina" in one of my favorite tracks, "Keys to the Bakery," which they'll let you know they earned by being so fresh. Every track is filled with sex ("S My D"), fashion ("Looking Hot, Dangerous"), and hater-hating ("IDGAF"), and you can't argue with that. The band — now on its "OMFG Tour" — is working on putting out a third album and cultivating its fan base, dubbed the Slash Gash Terror Crew. The self-produced albums that Blood on the Dance Floor already released are slick enough to virtually guarantee that this will be a show worth seeing, at least for their target demographic and anyone else young enough not to take themselves too seriously.


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