He sometimes DJs while covered in fake blood. A paper-bag mask or other strange disguise frequently obscures his face. And the grinding electronica tracks he produces feature such nasty titles as "Kill These Fucking People" and "Sexual Sacrifice." Yup, it's safe to say that Screamer Clauz is probably about as bizarre a beat-juggler as you'll ever encounter, even at frenetic freakshow like Bloodfest. The peculiar Pennsylvanian party monster is co-headlining the annual red-drenched rave on Saturday, October 16, which will typically features patrons getting soaked with crimson liquid and participating in some odd activities (for instance, this year's event promises monster slaughters and a performance by Cut Throat Freak Show). Legendary mixmaster Superstar DJ Keoki and NYC's Dara are also scheduled to headline the event, and more than a dozen local turntable jocks will also perform. Call 480-389-4273 or see on the night of the event for ticket info and its location.


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