Bloodfest @ TBA

It's safe to say you'll never encounter anyone like James St. James. Sure, you've likely heard his name before, since the fabulously freaky celebutante, party guru, and TV personality has earned worldwide infamy for his over-the-top lifestyle and fashion sense. And, of course, for his history as one of the ringleaders of NYC's notorious Club Kids of the late '80s and early '90s, which was chronicled in his memoir Disco Bloodbath and the flick Party Monster. It makes him an oddly fitting choice to host Bloodfest this weekend, as the infamous annual rave is notorious for drenching both its dance floors and attendees in a virtual bloodbath. At each year's event, the minions of Dr. MD rain down seemingly endless buckets of fake blood onto the crowd from above, creating a macabre milieu that's akin to the famous prom scene from Carrie. And as all this crimson-soaked madness unfolds, DJs and performance artists offer eye-catching and ear-jolting antics on two stages. Expect much of the same at this year's Bloodfest on Saturday, November 2, at a currently unspecified Valley venue, as it will feature such DJs as headliner Ron D. Core and a slew of locals, as well as bizarre and theatrical performance art acts as Hollywood's Domiana the Queen of Gore and Ridge Gallagher. Bloodfest "marriages" for real and in jest by Reverend Aschera Judson are also planned. General admission is $20, VIP access is $30. Call 480-294-7523 on the day of the event for its location.


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