Blunt Club 4 Year Anniversary

Who'd have thunk it? The way DJ nights come and go in this town, it's pretty damned amazing that Adam "Dumperfoo" Dumper's Thursday night Blunt Club at Hollywood Alley in Mesa has made it to the ripe old age of four. Mad props to Dumper and his cohorts, resident DJs Tricky T, Hyder, PicksterOne, and host Emerg McVay, for bringing the sickest underground hip-hop acts to town to perform alongside some of our most formidable local talents for so long. For the anniversary party on Thursday, May 18, they're bringing the Crown City Rockers, a SoCal outfit in the vein of The Roots and De La Soul, who'll be joined by hometown act Ohm, as well as Dumper and Jim Mahfood doing live art. This particular event is $8, and they're promising giveaways throughout the evening. The Blunt Club is by far the premier hip-hop night for the indie set in the entire state, so make sure you go pay your respects for this milestone.


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