Memphix's ChaseOne
Memphix's ChaseOne

Blunt Club at Priceless Inn

This Thursday night, September 9, Arizona music historian and classic vinyl king Johnny D, a.k.a. John Dixon, was supposed to man the tables at the Blunt Club at the P.I. in Tempe, alongside fellow crate-diggers ChaseOne and Smite. Unfortunately, Johnny D is instead recovering from a recent heart bypass surgery, so his homies, representing the younger generation of classic funk and soul aficionados, will be dropping chunky beats and sick breaks in his honor.

ChaseOne is one of the impresarios behind the ultra-underground Memphix label, founded with producer and funk historian Dante Carfagna. He helped slap together the instant classic Chains & Black Exhaust CD, a limited-release compilation of super-rare black rock and funk tracks that made Memphix famous around the world. You can expect similar rare grooves and deep funk when he's behind the ones and twos Thursday night, along with the Blunt Club's usual cast of characters like Tricky T, Hyder, and Element. Admission is just $5.


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