Cali's Flying Lotus helps celebrate the joy of six at the Blunt Club on Thursday.

Blunt Club's Six-Year Anniversary Party

Your sixth birthday fiesta might have been the shiznit way back in the day — especially with pony rides, clowns, and a moon jump — but we guaran-damn-tee it absolutely pales in comparison to the fly festivities being planned for the Blunt Club's Six-Year Anniversary Party on Thursday, May 15. The weekly hip-hop night's resident DJs Pickster One and Element will be joined by a killer crew of guests during the celebration (going down at Club Red, 2155 East University Drive in Tempe), including former Blunt turntablist Mr. Hyder and Cali-based DJ/producer Flying Lotus (a.k.a. "FlyLo"), as well as L.A. rapper Myka 9 and the members of the Drunken Immortals. A second room of off-the-chain entertainment is hosted by hip-hop artists Ekoe and Mic Cause, with drum 'n' bass and dubstep from Terra, Nappe, Issa, and Ame. The celebration starts at 9 p.m. with a $12 cover. Visit


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