Blunt Club's StreetDreams Pre-Party

If you just can't wait for this weekend's big StreetDreams hip-hop festival at the Old Brickhouse Grill, stop in at Hollywood Alley (2610 West Baseline Road in Mesa) Thursday night, May 5, for the Blunt Club's pre-party, featuring local up-and-comer Kid Vicious alongside the residents, Tricky T, Hyder, and Element, and host Emerg McVay. There should already be a grip of out-of-towner b-boys and girls here in the 'Nix for StreetDreams, busting out alongside the usual suspects at the Blunt Club, Furious Styles Crew and other local breakers. This particular episode of the Blunt Club isn't hosting any national acts like it usually does, but as Dumperfoo, the man behind the Blunt Club's curtain, says, "My DJs crush most out-of-towners anyway."


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