Bodhisattva's 20-minute, three-track EP Magnetar may not appeal to those who are prone to popping headache pills whenever they hear time signatures other than the common 4/4. The ambient jazz-metal-indie fusion duo, consisting of guitarist Justin Cory and drummer Shane Sittig, gives followers of wacko bands like Primus, Mr. Bungle, and Estradasphere a palatable menu of schizo sonic fare. The moody intro "Verbatim" explores haunting melodies accompanied by Sittig's bass-heavy drums, while the concluding tune, "Ad Hominem," jumps from style to style at breakneck speeds — from death metal and an LSD-soaked free jazz trumpet solo to rhythmic spatial minimalism to the assault of little instruments such as cowbell. Sandwiched in between the consciousness-changing bookends is the indie-fused tune "Premonition of an Old Friend," featuring Cory screaming quietly over a mathy prog rock guitar. Mind's Eye Digital master producer and mixer Larry Elyea accentuates each brain-altering note without sacrificing its artistic quality, further rewarding creative music heads with pure ADD delights.


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