Body of Scars

There's nothing new going on here, just straight-up, raging metal. We didn't bother to read Body of Scars' list of influences (if they have one), because we can clearly hear them. The dual guitars churn out the high-pitched, racing-scale solos mastered by Iron Maiden and — more prominently for BoS — Slayer. In fact, the guitar riff on "Body of Scars" is sonically similar to the haunting E and F power chords on Slayer's "South of Heaven," and the solo on "Bounced" echoes the screaming, frenetic fretwork of Slayer guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. The vocals, which are varied and visceral, recall the raw, throaty screams of Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual) and the deep, dark melodics of Disturbed's David Draiman. This is not to say Body of Scars is purely derivative; they roar like a burly monster, and there are some great metal moments here. "Blood Drain" has this great, creepy background vocal refrain reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies (when Mike Muir would whisper-croon some taunting mental interjection behind the chorus), and "Bounced" opens like a maelstrom, all charging rhythms and chugging guitars, while singer/guitarist James Santiago screams, "I ain't taking your shit today." Overall, a nice lesson in aggression.


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