Boom Bap @ Hidden House

Let's face it: Monday nights are downright dull. Not only are there four grueling days of work still ahead of, there's also never anything good on the tube to help dull the pain. Thank heavens, then, for Tricky T, who's helping turn Monday into a fun day again with his newly launched weeknight wingding Boom Bap. The turntablist trickster takes over the Hidden House, 607 West Osborn Road, and offers up plenty of "dope hip-hop" and other urban jams along with his friends and special guests (including Bigie and DJ Astonish, who visit on Monday, March 21). Meanwhile, artists like Jason Rudolph Peña and Dumperfoo sling their paints and the bartenders serve up drink deals like $2 wells and domestic beers until 11 p.m. The records roll starting at 9 p.m. Call 602-266-1763.


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