Breaking Bad Season Five Is About to Start; Get Ready with This Methy Playlist

Something tells me Walt isn't going to sing any America songs this season.
Something tells me Walt isn't going to sing any America songs this season.

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In case your news feed on Facebook and a constant hype-barrage rivaled only by The Dark Knight Rises hasn't made it clear, we will: Breaking Bad is back on AMC on Sunday, July 15.

And we're stoked. Like, edge of our seats stoked.

It's not just a good show, it's one of the best shows in history, maybe the best example that we're truly living in a golden age of television. Hanging out at the office yesterday chatting about how excited we are for the season five premiere, we thought up a few songs that might go well with your order of Venezia's for Sunday night's viewing party.

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Rose Royce, "Car Wash"

As Breaking Bad has progressed, I'm pretty sure that we've learned that Walter White is the kind of boss most certainly against you "acting a fool."

Rick Sprinfrield, "Jessie's Girl"

The key to Breaking Bad's sustained amazingness has a lot to do with Jesse Pinkman, a character we've witnessed grow and change from a brat who punctuates sentences with "bitch" a lot to a kind of broken, but whip-smart lost soul who punctuates his sentences with "bitch" a lot. The season two arc featuring Pinkman's girlfriend Jane was tragic, and this season promises more conflict between his life as a meth dealer and his feelings for current ladyfriend Andrea and her son Brock.

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