Brian "Head" Welch Gets Sick, Cancels Tour Dates

Brian "Head" Welch Gets Sick, Cancels Tour Dates

Brian "Head" Welch, the former Korn guitarist turned God-faring Phoenix resident (read our cover story here) has canceled dates on his upcoming tour, including a show in Flagstaff on August 26. The statement from his publicist:

Brian "Head" Welch became ill during the past few days, cutting short his August 19 concert in Modesto, CA. As he feels it would be unfair to his fans to appear less than 100%, he will be unable to complete this week's dates. Head wants everyone to know that he'll be fine and just needs to recuperate. His goal is to be well enough to perform at the August 27 Tucson and August 29 Las Vegas shows.

Good news for folks in Tucson, I guess, and bad news for Flagstaff. Phoenix remains largely neutral. We wish Brian a speedy recovery.

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