Bringing It Together Like Pangea @ Trunk Space

The idea of Los Angeles and Phoenix performers uniting for a split LP of collaborative love may sound pleasant, but the results are hardly harmonious. Noise bands saddle up alongside experimental synth pop, and interpreters of video-game rock jam alongside glum folkies. There's not one smooth transition here, but that's the point. Any artist seated next to Funny World's Space Alien Donald ("The World's Oldest Gay Canadian Space Alien"), who raps about how robots give the best blowjobs, is going come off weirder and richer because of it. Treasure MammaL starts things off with a shrill, larynx-shredding (is there another way of humanly singing it?) cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Fans of Andrew Jackson Jihad might be disappointed that their breakneck contribution, "Inner City Basehead History Teacher," has a longer title than playing time, but not one of its 44 seconds is wasted. There's plenty more of note: Father's Day's "I Don't Fucking Think So," which pulses with hardcore fury, ROAR's Bruce Johnston-era Beach Boy-ish cover of Treasure MammaL's "Bromance," Captain Ahab's pirating of Michael Jackson "Beat It" samples, and a contribution from Minibosses, who have finally give us a Batman theme with words. Words like "With my utility belt, I'll use my grappling hook!" Smooth flow's overrated, anyway.


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