Bro Beats

Jared and Michael Bell are the Lymbyc Systym

Jared and Michael Bell, the brothers who make the pretty noises in Lymbyc Systym , are about to drop the band's first album on the influential Mush Records label, home also to avant-beatmakers and MC's like cLOUDDEAD , Aesop Rock , Jel , Odd Nosdam , and Her Space Holiday . That's some pretty impressive company for these local boys who make indie-electro-instrumental-folktronica sorta stuff on their laptops and keyboards. Fresh off of a tour with the Album Leaf , the boys are preparing a release party on December 16 at Modified arts for the album, entitled Love Your Abuser , with Asleep in the Sea and Metrognome opening up. In the meantime, since I know you can't wait, the boys hit me off with a few preview tracks...

"Astrology Days":

"Truth Skull":

"...So We Can Sleep":

How to Find the Real Limbic System

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