BT: The Elton John of house took to the decks after losing his studio equipment to theft.
BT: The Elton John of house took to the decks after losing his studio equipment to theft.


Throughout his career, trance-pop producer Brian Transeau, aka BT, has proudly worn an "I AM NOT A DJ" T-shirt. This may lead some to consider his upcoming DJ set at the Cajun House a strange aberration. Just think of it as a reminder of the man's general influence in shaping the contours of modern dance music. With a slew of U.K. chart successes to his credit — "Remember Me," "Loving You More" and "Godspeed" being just a few — BT has established himself as the Elton John of dance music, with intricate, quasi-classical, epic house tracks. After a few years of enjoying stardom overseas and general obscurity here, BT finally earned props from Hollywood for penning the soundtrack for the rave film Go. Now with a few other soundtrack credits to his name (Under Suspicion, Drive and an uncredited spot in Zoolander), BT's finally getting the mainstream acknowledgment he deserves.

He may take a while, though, before he blesses us with any new material. A few months back, he returned from a U.K. trip to find all of the gear in his LA studio — including tracks for his follow-up to 2000's Movement in Still Life — stolen. Since he had made his name on the rave scene by eschewing spinning vinyl in favor of performing live with banks of keyboards and drum machines, the theft threw a monkey wrench into his gigging schedule. But ever the optimist, BT picked up DJing so he could continue performing.

For this gig, he'll be manning the turntables for one of the first times in his career, but don't expect the usual routine of a statuesque DJ calmly putting on records. BT has always been unbelievably hyperactive onstage, spastically punching on machines and throwing his fists into the air. So rest assured that he's concocted some equally compelling stage show for his DJ appearances. And be sure to stretch well before this one. When BT gets excited, you can't help but thrash around like an ADD kid, too.


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